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Born south of Boston Ma. on a small organic family farm, son of a carpenter and midwife, Ross Anti has been influenced from infancy in the importance of physical and mental health being a top priority to leading a happy and healthy life. With nutrition being a primary focus to his regimen, as well as a comprehensive knowledge of human energy systems and exercise modalities, Ross has developed into a leading authority in the New York City fitness scene. His travels through wild terrain have helped to expand his vision of what fitness is and how it can be delivered to everyone in the way that they need it.

Most recently, Ross has been the Fitness Manager at one of the highest profile gyms in the portfolio of Equinox, the world's premiere fitness brand. His influence within Equinox has helped to produce, not only one of the most fiscally productive personal training departments in the country, but more importantly, he has facilitated for thousands of personal training clients to experience the monumental benefits of legitimate health and wellness coaching through proper progression.

What makes Ross unique in the world of fitness and personal training is his ability to individualize a fitness program based on each client's particular needs. His ability to connect on a human level and motivate individuals is becoming widespread in and very much in demand with New York City and abroad.

In his off time, Ross has developed an activation based in Treasure Beach, Jamaica. Within the small country town on the south coast of Jamaica, Ross, along with his native partners, lead exhilarating biking and hiking excursions into the gorgeous farmland foothills and seaside cliffs. As he puts it, "this is not a typical resort vacation in the tropics. This is a time for people to experience the authenticity of a lively native culture while getting fit and letting go of their normal routine and refreshing their soul."
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Instagram and Twitter: @rossdanti

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