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Richard Rodriguez

Posted by Jonathan Segev on

Richard Rodriguez, is a 25 years old Brooklyn based Parkour expert. He describes himself as “a monkey in it’s natural habitat”. He has been practicing this sport for 8 years and had the privilege of being featured as a stunt double for Rafi Gavron. He became a professional trainer at Bklyn Beast and taught Parkour to people from all over the world.

Richard’s insights on HICKIES and Parkour:

Parkour is about expressing yourself in your movement. Hickies play a huge role in that. They’re comfortable, snug, and colorful. I customize my sneaker depending on what I’m wearing. They’ve made my experience with Parkour even better. I don’t like to practice anything unless I have on an awesome looking pair of Hickies on my sneaker. Parkour can loosen up your laces from all of the impact from time to time, but with Hickies, they stay snug and comfortable. They’re also extremely durable. I’ve had the same pair of Hickies on my favorite sneakers for over a year without even a sign of damage or wear and tear. That says a lot since I’m doing unorthodox movements in them.

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