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The Story of Michael

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Today we would like to share a story about one of our Kickstarter backers that made us proud.

Michael is a US Army veteran that prior to joining the Army, was obsessed with sneakers. He loved sneakers so much that he would easily be identified as a collector. While serving overseas, he survived multiple gunshot wounds that severely damaged his nerves. His injuries made tying shoelaces impossible. For a sneakerhead like Michael this was especially painful, because sneakers were his passion.

While we often focus on the many ways HICKIES can make your shoes look great, Michael’s story made us realize that not having to tie shoelaces can be life changing. Basic things we take for granted everyday, like zipping up our hoodies, playing video games or even tying our shoes became daily challenges for Michael. Now, he never has to worry about tying his sneakers, and that is a feeling he said is unexplainable. He has even used HICKIES as zipper pulls for his jackets.

Imagine our reaction when we received an email from Michael, showing us all his favorite sneakers pimped out with HICKIES. Needless to say, we were so thrilled, that with his permission  we decided to share his story with the world. We want to say thanks to Michael for letting us know we can make life a little better with a simple idea.  

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