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HICKIES Get To Know Ignacio

Posted by Collin Willardson on

As you may have seen, we recently did an amazing photo shoot with Leisure Life NYC and Ignacio of Q andP. We had a great time chatting and snapping pictures of Chariner and Ignacio, but also had the pleasure of truly getting to know both of them. 

Ignacio is one of those old souls that is not aware of age. To him, age is literally a number, nothing more or nothing less. There are a lot of people we met that say they're "young at heart", but Ignacio is one of the few that actually is a young spirit and has created new definitions of the term. At first glance, you would never be able to accurately guess his age. His fine sense of style, use of social media or knowledge of pop culture could throw you off, but that is the beauty of Ignacio. He is the very definition of the young spirit, and will truly be forever young. 


We had the pleasure to talk with the Jedi Master of Style and he allowed us to film it. Check it out, you might find yourself inspired.


Interview With Ignacio at Leisure Life NYC from HICKIES - love your kicks on Vimeo.


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